Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tears They Fall Like Rain..

A Drop of Honey...

Tears they fall like rain...
Your in a better place I know, it still doesn't easy the pain
That I feel in the very depth of my heart and soul

Tears they fall like rain...
... The thought that I will not hear the sound of your voice
Is too much to bear, to not be able to receive sound wisdom
From you, really...

Tears they fall like rain...
I know you couldn't live forever but still just the thought of this day
Of you not being there to give me a hug when I need one the most
Like right now, I need a hug a hug from you just one more
To not be able to say I Love You and hear you say it back, wow...

Tears they fall like rain...
Everyone says it will get better in time, will it, will it really get better, to be honest the way I feel at this moment don't see
How that can be true

God, I know the one I love is resting in your Almighty Arms
I know being with You is the best thing for them
For they are no longer in pain
No more stress of any kind
No more of the unknown just your peace and love

Tears they fall like rain...
Lord please wrap you Mighty Arms around me because losing
The one I love hurts so bad, We need you LORD, WE NEED YOU!!

"Weeping endure for the night but joy cometh in the morning"

Poem By:Messianic Poetess Anita B. Williams