Monday, September 5, 2016

Deborah Joy Winans - The Master's Calling

I Went Through So You

Wouldn’t Have To

I went Through so You Wouldn’t Have To

I was put on trial and judge unfairly

Because of this I know how to be your
Lawyer in the courtroom
I will defend you in such away
That if you was facing life
I could get you Free

I went Through so You Wouldn’t Have To
The pain you have suffered or maybe suffering now
Because of what someone has done or because of sickness
Is nothing compared to what was afflicted on Me

Pilate order that I be whipped but this was not just any whip
This whip was made of leather straps and with two balls
Attached to the end of each strap
Which were made of sharp bones

Now image that whip hitting your skin so
Deep that when they pulled the whip back
You could see My bones

I took this beaten so when the doctors
Say there is nothing else we can do
You can say by His stripes I am are healed

On top of all that they took
A crown of thorns and placed it on my head
Piercing my head in such away that
Blood begin to drip from my brow

The shedding of my blood

Is the Deliverance

That will set the captive free

The evidence that I went through so you did not have to
Is My nailed scared hands
My nailed scared feet
And the piercing in my side

I went through all this and so much more
That you may have Everlasting Life

It is
Finished the Battle is Over

By: Poetess Anita B. Williams