Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Messianic Poetess: God Can Supply

     God can do this, than why is it so hard to believe

That He can do beyond awesome things in our lives

All we have to do is

Trust in His word

Believe that as His children no good thing
Will He withhold from us

Have Faith that He will perform
His Word in our lives

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Change Is Coming

A Change Is Coming
Right now you feel as if God has forgotten you
Because nothing around you is changing

The tears that fall from your eyes
In the middle of the night
Are still tears of pain
It’s not the joy, that you long to feel
And need so much at this time

You don’t want a bandage
Because that will only last for a moment
Before you need another

You want a healing
You want a deliverance
You want the winds to bring a change
That will Bless you and free your soul
Like never before in your life

A Change Is Coming
A new journey

A Change Is Coming
One that will give you hope
In your darkest moment
One that will allow you to soar a little higher
Like an eagle

A Change Is Coming
Because God is moving
Heaven and earth for you

~ “if you ask anything in
My name, I will do it.” ~
John 14:14

Monday, June 10, 2013

Messianic Poetess Anita B. Williams

You have been waiting all your life
For a moment like this and still
You question if it is real or not
You wonder if you should pursue or hold back
Another day or even another year
Finally, the dream that God gave you
Some time ago is coming together
The prayer you have been praying
Is now being answered, yet you still hesitate
To walk into your destiny
The vision you had a month ago
Is now unfolding before your very eyes
Yet, you keep wondering if you are even ready
For this moment in your life
Finally, everything is coming together
Why then are you so afraid to consume
What God alone is giving you
The door is open and the position is yours for the taking
Answer these questions
What do you think would happen
If you passed this moment by
How long do you think it would be
Before another moment like this comes again
Finally, your moment has arrived and you
Stand there in fear of the unknown
Embrace the moment and let God
Take care of the rest
For He alone brought you this far
He will take you the rest of the way
Just trust in Him
Finally, is here
What are you going to do
Whatever you do, don't let fear be the reason
You think about walking away
Finally, it is your season
It is your time to walk into your destiny
No, it is time to become your destiny

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Drop of Honey

A Drop of Honey
Death has away of making you stop and think about your life and the lives of your love ones.  Stop and think about what am I doing with my life, is my life pleasing God?
You stop and think if I died today where will my soul rest, so many different things run through your mind when death is near.  However when you are rooted and ground in God Almighty you already know who you are and who you truly belong to no matter what life throws your way, you can stand in peace.
Tonight, my heart goes out to all those I know who have lost love ones, does matter when they passed away losing someone you love is truly never an easy thing.
I pray that the peace of God will comfort you
I pray that His love will give you strength
I pray that His joy will see you through those moments when the tears are in your eyes, that His joy will wipe them away
I pray that you will allow God to hold you in the night when you find that sleep escapes you
I pray that through the pain and the sadness you will know and realize that you are not alone that the Angles watch over you and know that your love one is with their Maker
I Pray.....
Shalom v'Ahavah
Messianic Poetess
Anita B. Williams