Tuesday, December 10, 2013

There Is Still Hope...

There is so much going in the world today to the point it may seem that is no light at the end of the tunnel.  However there is a light,  a very bright light so bright it lights up the very darkest of places.

Places that you would never think have some form of light, a light so brilliant that there are no words to begin to describe it, what is this light?  This light that gives you hope for tomorrow, hope for the future, hope for this very moment that you stand and wonder what is the next move you should take.

This light will light  your path and give way to your destiny and purpose for life, life itself.  A light that will allow you to see what you could not see before, those things that have been inside your very soul all along.

The things that are taking place in the world would have you to believe that there is no hope of any kind because of the way people have change and some not for the better.  But there are people in this world that are among us that have a light within them that says there is still hope.

Whatever you do, whatever I do, we must not give up on this light we know to be true
this light we know to be real
this light we know that will lead and guide us to where we are to be, where we are destine.