Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There is Hope

It doesn't matter what it may Look like at this moment
There is Hope

Life is full of the unknown
The unknown can place fear
Within your very heart and soul
There is Hope and in that Hope
You do not have to face
The unknown alone

There is Hope in Jesus

Written By: Messianic Poetess
                    Anita B. Williams

Friday, June 20, 2014

Words of Worship

 Words of Worship

Though I cannot sing like Angles
Nor dance like an eagle in the sky
May the words I place on paper Worship You
May the words touch Your heart 
The way You have touched mine

May the words that I choose to write bring You
Honor and Glory 
May all who read these words
May they begin to seek You
Seek You in a intimate way
A way that will caused them to Worship You
In spirit and In truth like never before 

May the words I write cause others to want You
In a deep and profound way 
A way of Worship
May all of who you are show through the words
Words that are old, may they be like new
May they have a new meaning to the heart of the reader
Causing their heart to leap like a gazelle
On the High Places

May the words I write Worship the God you are
May the words I write guide us all
To the Secret Places of Your Heart
May I Worship You with my gifts
May I Worship You with my talents
May my Worship unto You
Be with Love and Honor
Unto You as Worship

Written By: Messianic Poetess Anita B. Williams

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sand of Thoughts

Thoughts from Messianic Poetess:

There are some who come in your life for a season, as we all know
However that same person tries to stay when you are breaking away
They try to hold on to what no longer is their journey to travel

Break free of that person don't worry about how they will feel because God has spoken and you know what you must do
They are trying to ride on your Eagle's Wings 
Wings that are to carry you to your next Destiny that God has mapped out for you

Break Free.....

Messianic Poetess Anita B. Williams